MeloOur beautiful Lord Jesus Christ blessed me with a personal encounter with Him, a little over two decades ago, on the 25th of April 1996.

Glorify God was started as a blog which documented my personal walk with Him, in 2002. It then grew into a collaborative e-magazine with contributors from various places worldwide & then in 2014 back to a personal blog.

My own personal failings to devote enough time to this online ministry of sorts led to it being on the back burner for a bit too long. Now, in the year 2017 I hope to, with His Grace, revive this blog & it’s corresponding facebook page for all those who’ve stuck around over the years.

For those to whom it may matter, I’m a cradle Catholic, in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. I am also blessed to be a youth & worship leader at our church, as well as a preacher for the Mumbai (India) diocese where I live in. I am a very strong believer and advocate for Ecumenism (the principle or aim of promoting unity among the world’s Christian Churches, for True Christian Believers) – why fight over our differences when we can worship our Lord Jesus together?

To this end, the content on Glorify God is hence mostly non denominational / occasionally Catholic – but always dedicated to bringing Glory to Jesus alone. The aim is not controversy but growth in Jesus for anyone who may read.

I genuinely hope the site helps you in any small or big way. May you be blessed to Glorify God in everything you do!

God bless,
Melody Laila
(Melody (at)