He healed my eyes! ~ Muriella’s testimony

From the age of 11 -21, i used to wear spectacles. Then at 21, I just felt bored & tired of wearing them & so I stopped – also, rather shamefacedly I confess, some vanity was involved). And so for the past 7 -8 years I moved about and managed without them.

Recently, very often in prayer, I felt urged by The Lord to get my eyes checked. Finally on Friday November 26, 2004, my mum and Ii went off to the optician, who looked ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED when she checked my eyes and recommended I see a specialist.

Since it was not too late, we went immediately. When the specialist checked my eyes however, he announced that I have just TEN PERCENT VISION. In America that would mean that I am legally blind!

Even the specialist was amazed that I was moving about, living an absolutely normal life with no accidents or anything of the sort. I didn’t want to make him keel over, so didnt mention that off and on I also drove my family car!

I can only thank and praise God my Loving Abba, Who no doubt has been protecting me all these years. I have been able to work extensively on the computer & write extensively. I have travelled in trains and buses, yet never got onto the wrong one! I have crossed roads which have had extremely heavy traffic yet without any accident. I often take my two dogs (real playful ones!) SIMULTANEOUSLY for walks, walking on roads which have been dug or heavily traffic congested or both and yet never have been hit by any vehicle.

Truly, I see that ONLY THE LORD’S MIGHTY PROTECTION AND POWER WAS AND IS AT WORK IN ME! I now understand what St Paul said “When I am weak, He is strong, God’s power is manifested in my weakness”

For many years I have made this my Daily prayer, “LORD LET ME SEE THROUGH YOUR EYES” (so that I can see others as He sees them, because I tend to be a little short on patience and forbearance).

Today, I understand that He LITERALLY answered my prayer,and allowed me to see through His eyes and thus protected me only He knows how many times from grave physical harm! How else could I have managed all this time?!


The specialist also told me that in spite of just only this much vision, I had no squint, no suppressed vision and that my vision was correctable!

He asked me what made me come FINALLY for the spectacles; did I have any headaches, watering/redness of the eyes, etc? I said no, nothing of the sort – just some advice from the Lord!

When we went to the optician to collect my spectacles, he was a bit wary about immediately starting me on the number as it was, he suggested taking a lower number and then gradually going upto my actual one.

However when he spoke to the specialist he was surprised to get a go-ahead! Apparently the specialist was confident that since I had managed all these years in this state, I would also be able to adjust to a sudden burst of sight!

From Saturday November 27th 2004, the day after I visited the specialist itself, I started wearing spectacles again.

And by the grace of God, I did not get any headaches or anything when I started. There was no adjustment blues at all

All praise, honor and thanks to our Everloving, Merciful, Triune God for keeping me safe in His hands all these years and for leading me down the path of recovery in His perfect time.

~ Muriella D’Silva, India.

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