Miracle at Tabor Divine Retreat Ashram

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Eucharistic Miracle at Tabor Ashram (Mumbai, India): Drops of Water and Blood during the Holy Eucharist
(Monday, 27th August, 2007)

1 John 5:6

“This is the one who came by water and blood—Jesus Christ.
He did not come by water only, but by water and blood.
And it is the Spirit who testifies, because the Spirit is the truth”

About the Miracle

On 27th August 2007 in the presence of around 60 retreatants (of a special English Growth Retreat) when Fr. Joby was con-celebrating Mass along with Fr. Anto (who himself was a retreatant), during the Epiclesis [that part of the prayer of consecration of the Eucharistic elements (bread and wine) by which the priest invokes the Holy Spirit] when Fr Joby invoked the the Holy Spirit, he noticed many drops of water and blood on the altar cloth. He immediately announced to the congregation that Jesus was pouring out His Blood and Water and continued with the Holy Mass.

Later he testified that the wine had changed to Blood and that when had sipped it at communion it smelt like blood and it was not flowing as easily as wine should normally flow. After sipping he found it sticky in his mouth, a sensation which lasted for quite sometime. Fr Anto too testified of the same.

The choir members (I was one of them) who were near the altar too witnessed the droplets. All the retreatants later testified what they had witnessed and nine of them testified that they had visions of Jesus sprinkling his blood and water on to the stage.

The hall in which the Holy Mass was held was swept clean just minutes before the Holy Mass began during which the drops fell in the presence of these retreatants. Photographs were taken on mobile phones after the Holy Mass. Drops of blood continued to pour on on other days as well and some photographs were taken on digital camera few days later.

~ Testimony of Tabor Music Ministry Member; Joseph Kalangara

(Tabor Ashram is the Mumbai branch of the Divine Retreat Center Group, often referred to as “Potta” in Kerela, India)

Photographs (as there are several pictures, please allow time for the page to load)

Drops of Blood which fell on the Consecrated Host during the epiclesis on Monday 27th August 2007.
The pictures are part of the Host which is now preserved at Tabor Bhavan.

Ed. note: The names / personal details mentioned in some of the comments below have been edited to safeguard the privacy of the commenters. Pls. note that everything you comment is available for anyone in the world who many access this page to see. Also please send your PRAYER REQUESTS TO tabor@vsnl.com – and not on this page! Thanks & God bless!

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  1. May my confirmation of this incidence be a ladder for great faith in the mystery which normally takes place on the alter during consecration.I believe this things happen and even greater than what is described . But we don’t see them as we are lacking in faith .I believe that if just in a second Jesus can let us witness what normally happens in the alter we can either lose our sight or ourselves.Imagine the sight of Jesus laid on the alter as a lamb and getting slaughtered so we can get a sip of His blood and a piece of His fresh during communion.It’s that much scaring and mysterious .But as we continually want to argue it out we actually don’t witness this beauty with our human mind.THIS THINGS NORMALLY TAKE PLACE AND GREATER ONES CAN BUT WE DON’T HAVE FAITH OUT OF ROUTINE WE ARE ACTING.

  2. Humare liye pray karna k humare dil mai Jesus k liye prem badhe. Parmeshwar se vinti kare k mera b jivan ahi ho. Vo sub kuch jante hai mere bare mai

  3. jesus let all evel spirit go away from him and let your blessing shine upon him and also is alcohol and cigarate let him leave him by the grace of your strenght and power lord jesus thankyou jesus prais you jesus amen amen amen.

  4. true the lord is merciful. he has not performed miracles in my life but the amount of peace and the patience that he has gifted to me a sinner is in itself a miracle. glory to god and praise to his holy name!!!

  5. pls pray for me as my fiance has departed from me and gone to another girl. We have been in a relationship for nearly 12yrs and i cant forget him. Pls pray to God and the holy spirit to restore his love for me and patch up wit me and break up with that girl.I too am praying hard and need your help too.Thank you

  6. its a place of peace
    stressed in life..?
    not finding a solution of your problems in life…?
    Go and experience at tabore bhavan(kalyan/3days retreat),he will let you free from all bondages.HE is Christ,who came from heaven to save us.
    dont just read, go and experience.i have experinced him.

  7. I am a sinner & i am very weak in my sin full habits please pray for me that i may get free from this sinful bondages . Thank you

  8. My moms both kidneys have failed. Please pray that her kidneys function normally and she has a happy, healthy and long life. her name is renu vyas.

    Thanks & Regards.

  9. i believe my lord where flowers were kept over the cloth of blood stains are with me and believe that he will be there with my son during his s.s.c exam and my son will pass with highest percentage of marks and my husband will believe in the lord, and will be heal of his diabetics.

  10. Plz pray for my family,my dad is suffering from astma he is not able to face the problems. Also we are in great financial problems. Plz pray for us.

    Thanks & Regards

  11. My daughter Jessica does not get her regular menses since 2 years.Right now she is in 9th std. Kindly pray for her. I thank and praise the lord for healing my aunt and my mother.

    Praise The Lord.

  12. I was a believer of Jesus christ….being a non catholic…married to a catholic…..but first time went to Tabor ashram……the prayers told by all father were great mind blowing i felt….the holy spirit in me…i love tabor ashram…i live in uk….but planned once a year to make atrip.for the retreat…to c n feel jesus..if Lord Jesus Permits me…i will go again..my life has changed …in all ways..peace…my asthama has disappeared…but nw i m praying for a child…..it will be a miracle one…which lord jesus will give me soon…..I LOVE U JESUS…there is no GOD above YOU……

  13. george chettiar

    i knw this is the place that the lord jesus, if we beleive in mother mary & jesus , life will go a straight path

  14. My husband is an alcoholic, becomes very voilent n abusive after drinking, m leading alife of a recluse for the last 12 yrs. Pls pray fr me. I m praying desperately but to no avail.
    pls help me, this is a desperate appeal. Thnks.

  15. lord jesus heal my mother from asthama she badly in need of your healing touch, touch her lung, touch heart and touch her mind with you precious blood. shower your blessing on her make her fit make her to walk and heal her from all her suffering.
    give her the souldful sleep. may lord jesus heal with you touch lord thank you lord Jesus.

  16. lord jesus heal my daughter Gretel freya from asthama weezhing cold and Adnoide in her throat. Dr. said to remove, I dont want to remove,she badly need of your healing touch, touch her lungs, heart,mind and adinoide in her throat with you precious blood. shower your blessing on her make her fit make her to walk and heal her from all her suffering.
    give her the soundful sleep. may lord jesus heal her with your healing touch. thank you lord Jesus.Praise you lord Jesus

  17. My son fenwick Souza, not studying doing all naughty things, please pray that he become good boy and lord jesus give him wisdom, knowledge and understanding fill with holyspirit, and become a godfear boy. we are having lots of financial problem, not proper house, my brother savio barbosa planing to go on ship please pray. My sister Cyrena pray her that she may get good strength and courage and also fill with wisdom and holyspirit and to give her forgiveness heart.

  18. Dear Father

    My name Francis, working in Dubai, I have a big problem, I want a large amount of money- to pay Dubai Bank Loan. If I am not, paying this amount they will put me in Jail. On Saturday 17th Morning, I am going to the bank to talk to them that I will pay in installments, Please pray that they may agree to this. If not they will put me in Jail.



  19. Plz pray for my family,my elder sister getting married this may of 2nd week. pray for my Dad,Mom,Brother Also we are in great financial problems. Plz pray for us.

    Thank you lord, praise the lord

  20. Praise the Lord
    Great happening but this testimony should have come in the Times of India , so that people of other faiths would have come to know the truth,
    Yes , the Truth and the truth will set them free from all bondages and sins.

    Thanks and Regards,
    John Simon
    Mobile No : 9324539715

  21. Delivers each one of us from all kind of evil bondages and lets all functions and ceremony that is taking place in our family should take place without any obstacle help eachone of us to take part in this funtion with clean heart and unselfishly we make this prayer through christ our lord amen

  22. I am Anjali.i lost my mummy when i was little, i am born & brought up by st.cathrenis sisters at andheri west. being with them i came to know Jesus, i still know that i have no one but i have Jesus who loves me n care for me . i want to come to tabor but not able to come, so my prayers are by mails .

    Jesus i want to get married as soon as possible, send a proper person in my life . i will expect what you give me


  23. When i was in 10std i had gone to tabor for prayer, so that i may pass the ssc .yes Jesus is realy great i pass ssc,but after that i was not able to go to tabor but i isto write letters to thank god n for my prayers.
    i know that Jesus loves me first. he has said jiska koi nahi unkeleyi mai hu. yes i trust jesus
    i love you lord

  24. Please Pray for the Peace in our House and Grace to come in our House . Main is a understanding amongst us and Love to come in our Family.Thankyou Jesus and Praise you Jesus.

  25. My baby girl passed away on 5th may as she was suffering from a lung desiese. I want to have another healty baby.

    Please pray for me.

  26. Please pray for me to get out of my bad habits especially Alcohol & sexual desire which is coming between my relation with my ever Loving merciful God, his son Jesus, and Holy Spirit who are ever ready to forgive . But the DEVIL who with all is power tries to put me in this habits.

    I have attended Retreat, when ever I come from Retreat the power of the Holy Spirit remains, then again the Devil temps me and I am back. Jesus as Always answered my pray when I pray for others he loves me very much. In 1985 I attended retreat in Kandalla with rev fr Rufus and James. After coming back from Retreat one day as I was praying Holy Spirit asked me to pray for healing of my Palm on my right hand which had at least 5 to 6 big corn ring I told Jesus u have given me more then I deserve but if your Holy will desire let it be healed.

    Next morning when I got up everything vanish. Praise God for he is God of Heaven & Earth who Loves every Human being . I was owning a restaurant but I sold it now I am job less . Please pray that God may forgive me and Bless me with a good job.

    I had always had a desire to work for Jesus but because of the habits which the Devil temps me neither I can pray properly, and because of this there peace in the house.

  27. I been to tabor thrice and God has blessed me abundantly all the time. This time he has chosen me for interceding , I am so happy. God I love ,praise you and worship you deep from my Heart.

  28. Praise Lord, yes i do belive in christ’s blood.
    I belive in christ a lot, i am also a non beliver, but christ has done so many good things in my life, i love christ a lot, but when there are times saturn dont allow my mind to work then i do my will & i land up in trouble. I was in a very good job, i was not happy nor satisfied with the job, i quit thought of starting tutions.. here also no response. I have asked lord christ for forgivness & have asked him to do his will in my life, please pray for me & ask the holy spirit to guide me & to do his will.
    Amen !!!!

  29. praise the lord
    pz pry me as my c.s foundation result is going to come this august,,, so i really need your al prayers,,,,,,,,,,, so plz do always pry for me

  30. pls pray for me to less talkative and patience for iam very talkative and cannot control anger at times fall into a problem with my own mouth.

  31. i want to change myself of being talkative and aggressive and i pray for the all the above coz god is kind and humble he does not let anyone go astray who comes to him with a repentant heart.

  32. its great joy to attend a retreat at Tabor ashram and miracles take place i attended last month and god worked a miracle in my life the person who had robbed my gold his father came walking to my my door confessing his son had robbed my gold and he will give me the money and he gave me half the amount god never leave anyone who trust in him

  33. mere family me do son hai,or me prabhu se wish chahti hu mere or mere bacho ke jivan me shukh shanti samruddhi shakti bhakti sadbuddhi hamare jivan me hamesha rahe,aapka pyar aur aashirwad bhara haath hamesha hamare sar par rahe,zindgi me bahot gam aur dukh uthaye,bas dukh aur nahi,aapka saath hamesh cahiye,aapka pavitra shamrthya hamesha bane,ektuhi sahara aur koi nahi hamara,prabhu jesus ke naam se amin…..

  34. I wanted to pray fyjc children who are going take admission in college. pls god grant them admission . as well as even my son seeking for a admission same school/college were he studied, due to this politics tension, we parents also in tense. We have a trust in jesus, he will help us .we have hope. please remmber our children in your prayers. but we are asking your prayers in this matter.

    God bless you all.


  35. last week I ave made request about fyjc admissions for my son as well all the students. praise the lord granted admissions for all the students. THank you go d, praise god .Alleluiah. praise the lord

  36. jesus heal my father who is suffering form chronic kidney disease & mother suffering form high diabeties

  37. Praise Jesus, pray for me to have peace at my place of work.
    Am always attacked by some funny ailments in the office which i dont understand.Its like somebody is against me. pray for my eyesight too.pray also for the enemies that God may change them.Mother Mary interceed for us. Amen.

  38. Lord jesus, I have quit all my bad habits and now I pray with you to grant me the needs, sort out all my problems which you know them very well.guide and save me lord, lord, i have true faith in you, please pray for me and my whole fly.

  39. Pray for me and my family. I am disturbed because of my affair with another lady. Pray that god will show me and the lady the direction to right path. Pray for my wife that she gathers the strength to live life in this turbulent situation and we are able to mend our lives and follow the path Jesus set the path for each one of us. Please pray for us as Jesus listens to the prays and intercession by others.

  40. Lord jesus christ, i love you very much. i adour you .i worship u .lord jesus please help me to put my husband portuguese document in portuguese concelate in Portugal. please lord ,do my husbands birth registration and than our marriage registration.please lord do our portuguese passport soon .i love you lord jesus Christ. you give me so much in life ,thank u lord jesus, you must be knowing, we spent so much money for portuguese passport, infect we were not having anything in life, but lord you and mother mary gave ours so much in life. we love you and mother mary very much. bless my husband document ,lord jesus ,and one more thing lord jesus make my son cool and understanding and give my son sanford and daughter shannon good health, good mind,to study and even good healty, for my husband thank you lord jesus christ .AMEN

  41. Lord,
    Pl restore health of my brother Bunty and bless him with the courage of realising what is good for him. All is possible with your blessings.

  42. my name is JEP i am having one son he is 2 yr old my Husband is very nice loving & caring my Mother in law doen’t like me.she always point on my weeknesses.I am Sick i was having blood clots,some Complication was also ther in my delivery, but now i am ok by the grace of god my Son is also good but, i am not HAPPY, i and my mother in law always fight for simple reason. she need a daughter in law who can earn good salire but i am less educated,i am only Matric(SSC frm Deli Board ) with no Talents i am fedup of lessing that i am not good looking and les educated with no job some time i think i should sucide but i will not because for my happiness i cant spoil my son Z’s life he will become alone I just need God’s blessing & a good job & good health. PLS PRAY FOR ME-AND MY FAMALY.

  43. I have gone thru the Tabor Website
    because my family members want to visit, and have a retreat for themselves.I have been to Pota many time, I know God loves his children, and he hears our prayers.
    I have a lot of strength from Him, i trust Him alone and always do what is right in Gods eyes.
    thank and praise you Jesus.

  44. Praise GOD

    It was a wonderful retreat in the month on May for 4 days, i exprienced a lot of difference in my life. I Love Jesus n beleive that all human are one in the eyes of GOD no matter they come from different religion/nationality.

    I thank You Jesus for the wonderful blessing he has bestowed on me n my family, for one day to live n breath the air.
    I ask for all those poor, neady, hospitalized, old homeage and childern who have no family to pray on… i ask and pleed God the Abba Father to help then in all their difficult times.

    I ask for those who are sick n abt to die that Mother Mary will intersead my pray to Jesus to gve them some more days to life.I ask for Barretto and Fernandes Family that we many live and be happy in your glory forever n ever.I special ask for a good job as im hunting since many months and for all those who are seeking for job.

    Thanks You Jesus for hearing My pray. Love u Jesus

  45. Praise GOD

    It was a wonderful retreat in the month on May for 4 days, i exprienced a lot of difference in my life. I Love Jesus n beleive that all human are one in the eyes of GOD no matter they come from different religion/nationality.

    I thank You Jesus for the wonderful blessing he has bestowed on me n my family, for one day to live n breath the air.

    I ask for all those poor, neady, hospitalized, old homeage and childern who have no family to pray on… i ask and pleed God the Abba Father to help then in all their difficult times.
    I ask for those who are sick n abt to die that Mother Mary will intersead my pray to Jesus to gve them some more days to life.

    I ask for Barretto and Fernandes Family that we many live and be happy in your glory forever n ever.

    I special ask for a good job as im hunting since many months and for all those who are seeking for job.

    Thanks You Jesus for hearing My pray. Love u Jesus

  46. I am suffering from high blood pressure & Blood sugar but taking medicine but not in control change many doctor but result negative even my mother is in having same she is suffering more than me. my mother name is shyamali perris, also there is no peace in my family between my wife and my mother I am surrounding with all negative energy, everyday I pray please pray for me, I know god will forgive me.

  47. Please pray for my 2 grown up children tina and tushar makwana who are less educated and not working. my son is nearly 10 yrs. in the house and not doing anything. there are financial problems. my husband is drinking and wasting money and looking at other peoples wives. i dont have the money to get my daughter married. she is now 27 yrs. old. pls. pray for us.





  48. Lord jesus, I have quit all my bad habits and now I pray with you to grant me the needs, sort out all my problems which you know them very well.guide and save me lord, lord, i have true faith in you, please pray for me and my whole fly.
    Pray For All My Friends, And Office Staff Plz God Help me

  49. Lord jesus, I have quit all my bad habits and now I pray with you to grant me the needs, sort out all my problems which you know them very well.guide and save me lord, lord, i have true faith in you, please pray for me and my whole fly.
    Pray For All My Friends, And Office Staff Plz God Help me
    Plz God I have SinFull Iam Bad Boy


  51. Fr Joshi and his team held a 3-day retreat in Panaji Goa in August last year. The hall was packed on all days, and a great number of healings took place. On the last day of the retreat Fr. Joshi asked those of us who had not experienced any healing to raise their hands. I was one of them. (I prayed for my left leg varicose veins). However, some days later I realised that chest pain which I had experienced a few months earlier had disappeared. Praise you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Please bless Fr Joshi and his very committed team and inspire them to continue the great work they are doing in your holy name. Amen.

  52. hi! i am nayan . all i have to say is that jesus has done alot for me in my life this is my witnes. i was marries in yr2005 but i was childless for four yrs there was fina cial problem also me and m y husband attendet onday prayer sessoin at tabor 2 times then we prayred regularly my husband being a non beliver yet he prayed . we surrendered all our problems to jesus, and as jesus never fails one by on all our problems vanish.lord bless our finance then he blessed us in all dimensions of life we got good job .he also blessed us and i concived in nov 2009 lord blessed me with a healthy baby boy. during pregnancy my cesaren operation was done but due to some problem the wound could not heal proprely it caused sepcis and i became very serous and i could not breath properly. and i was admitted to icu . all may family frends prayed to jesus my mother send the prayer request to tabor and i started curing .
    now iam perfectly fine and my son is also heahthy all GLORY TO JESUS …

  53. I believe in every act of faith, JESUS died & shed his blood for us, I believe it, Think about the world without JESUS. Thank you JESUS for loving me

  54. Jesus is still alive. Still he hears our prayers. Bible is not a novel. Every word of bible works in our life. If we live our life according to vachan, pray for others, forgive to others. God surely listen your prayers. Many miracle will happen in our life. When I followed the same. A lot of things happened in my life also. That is why I am hundred percent sure about this incident.

  55. lord Jesus Christ, I have come to you as I have lot of faith in you, pl.solve my brother’s problems as his wife got married to him since they wanted only money. She doesnt listen to him and he is very pained and hurt. She only listens to her mother, who teaches her wrong. Her mother is having probs with her husband, so teaches her daughter also not to respect her husband. My bro is a god fearing, a good hearted and a nice person and is suffering from all this. We dont have a mother so people are taking advantage of this situation. Lord purify his wife with your blood. Lord please listen and answer to my prayers. I thank you my lord for everything you gave me till today and always n you have always come to my rescue.

  56. my job applay kanpur
    muze job ki bahut jarurat hai , do mahinese mai gharme baita hu kharcha bad gaya hai khise me paisa nahi hai mai prabhu par bahut vishvas rakhata hu muze acchi job mile please

  57. PS62 – My soul rests in God alone from whom comes my salvation God alone is my rock and salvation, my secure height I shall never fall. Praise the Lord
    Jesus has worked wonders in my life and my life changed after my visit to Tabor

  58. I have a married son married to an Armenian girl and want your prayers for them to turn back to The Lord Jesus whom they seem to have forgotten. Also pray for my son who recently had a stroke and has a blood clot on the left side of his brain, all this brought upon by his obesity, unable control his eating habits. Also his wife has fibroids in the uterus which am requesting you pray for The Lord to let and make them disappear for good so she can have a child. I have a spinal problem ( a gap in my spine between vertebrae nos 4 and 5 lumbar ) but after turning to The Lord since 2003 ammbetter and go about doing all kinds of jobs around me inmy home and helping others too. I am 69 years old retired and not so well off so lead a very normal life , and praise the Lord for giving me back my health too. I do read the Bible daily witout fail and this has played a very big part in my life since 2003 when I wa staking so many strong H drugs for my spinal problem, which is now very
    much improved , praise God.
    Also have a daughter in Dubai who is alone with 4 kids 3 of which go to school and the last one will start school end of this year, please God. She is alone there struggling for the kids as her husband lost his job last year and is now working in Mumbai but not sending cash for the upkeep of his family. So please pray he too changes drastically for the better so the kids get a better deal and grow up loving their father who is away from them now. They cannot come for a holiday to Mumbai as its too expensive with 3 kids plus the mothers as plane tickets cost so much these days and I hope and pray my daughter gets a good raise in salary in order to survive there in Dubai and educate her children for their future.
    Thanking you for your prayers and all support in my small problems . Ian Whyte, Kandivli

  59. My Son Collin Fernandes having a slight crack in the GUM. Eatingtime and opening mouth he get pain. it is two years now.
    Last year he went to Goa he checked with Dentist and he told him after the x-ray.about the crack. with the medicine not become alwright. this he got several kiks in the face with the
    foot he couldnot help because he was lying in the floor and
    she was standing.that she is his wife.he not took any action
    because we trust in JESUS.
    Praise you JESUS.LOVE YOU JESUS.and thank you for every thing
    you done for our family.

  60. pls pray for me im trying job in abroad but my pasport has to be renued having problem changing of adress.brought a house my wife jessie has applied for the loan waiting for the repaly from the bank,tention in the house.GOD pls help us.pls pray for us.at present im staying in the rentel house.pls help us god.

  61. God loves each and everyone. He showed his love for us by shedding His Blood to save us.

    Thank you Jesus. Praise you, Jesus.

  62. After attending a innerhealing retreat here at Tabor in May 2011, My Faith in the HolyRosary and on the Way of Cross and the most highest above all Prayer i.e. the Mass, & a miracle as such, i & my husband have been deeply touched and are rooted more in Christ alone.
    “Here i’m Lord; I come to do Your will.” (Ps.40)

  63. jesus i trust in u. pls help me to get good job or to do good busness in tupperware as an consultant. without ur blessing i can do nothing,in my 30 yr of age i have tried every thing to be sucessful, but i have failed but now pls i realy need ur help lord dont let me down i dont want to depend on my husband for everything.pls help & bless my husband,son my mom dad Amen

  64. I find taboor the place one experience of change from within,A biggest sinner will find himself changed after a first friday service,even if you prayer with faith your intentions will 100% get fulfilled( i have experienced it),whenever i am stressed and depressed from this mumbai life i try to attend a service it really gets you recharged, May the good lord bless Taboor ministry, May it multiply and multiply and remove sins and change every persons life. God bless everyone.
    Believe and you will recieve

  65. Jesus I trust in you. Please pray for me for my mind to get cured. As I get angry with my sisters at home and there is no peace at home. Please pray for peace to enter my home.

  66. I want nothing but only JESUS in my life.I want to see JESUS and this feeling is always in my mind and heart.I am not abled to express this feeling to anyone and i dont know wat is happening wid me and feeling the LOVE of JESUS ,wanting to see him every moment in my LIFE is really very awesssssomeeeeeeee feeling for me I wish i could have seen him and rested on his lap atleast for a moment I LOVE U JESUS and will till the very last breath of my LIFE bcoz everything of mine is urs

  67. Pls pray for me that God will have mercy on me.Pls help me Lord
    for I have sinned against you in so many ways.I’m poor & need
    financial help.Pls Lord hepl me to pay my child’s school fees.
    This my sincere request as I can’t go on beging my people at home.Thank you Lord.

  68. my husband working in a company.sudenly they make a law everyone finish 50years must finish soon.we are in very in a despairing condition.because our children are studying here.what we will do.infact upto 60 years they can work here.please pray for us to extend the age upto55

  69. Please pray for me Katarina, i need everything what is good and come from Jesus…i need a job, i need love, i would like to be only very happy and have very happy and blessing life, please pray for me and my life…thanks, God bless you!

  70. I love you jesus and i want to thank-you for all that you have given me you are the true lord and god please help me again because you know i am in trouble again i only know that you will help me. thank-you my lord.

  71. My wife wants to divoce me because she is in deep shock and also with all the problems in the past now thwt she is feed up of me and she don’t want to stay with me but i am sorry for all my sins and i told her that give me one more chance but she is not ready now in her mind she only wants to divoce please please prayer for me that she changes her mind and i can be with her and the kids i love her very much and also the kids one is 9 years and the other is 5 years please help me and also pray for me that i will always make her happy.








  73. lord please bless all your people .open our eyes lord so that we can see give us your peace so that what ever may happen around us we will not be afraid .lord bless us lord protect us we pray to you because you are mercyfull not because we have done any thing right we have sinned against you lord. lord have mercy on us, we are yours lord.
    Jesus is the answer to all our needs, he cares for us ,all our prayers will be answered .pls remember these words of Jesus Do not be afraid I will be with you till the end of time.

  74. i have not been able to find the right person to marry, i am single lady, 43 years of age nd very keen to have a family of my own …..i have been meeting a lot of people regarding the same but somehow i am just not attracted to any one of them, or else if i am interested the opposite person is not. this has been going on for almost a year…..Please pray so that i can find the right person to marry.

  75. lord pls send my mom and dad to india i miss them a lot i feel very lonely my mom was my friend i need her i love her a lot pls lord pls hear my prayer. Amen

  76. 3 months ago gob blessed me with a very good. But now my performance in my job is not up to the mark due to which If I don’t improve.. I will be asked to leave the company.. Jesus I believe you are the one who gave me this job & no one can take it from me.. Pls help me to get 5 rating in my work, make me the best performer in Pulse score with resolution. I pray to the same Jesus who brought dead person Lazarus back to life so perform this miracle & help me to clear the OJT.. I earn for my family, for the baby I adopted & for the glory of God..

    Praise you Jesus

  77. Please pray for my daughter Chiara Asther Fernandes,4yrs old who has pneumonia problem,That Jesus the mighty healer may heal her completely form this disease.Pray that Jesus may pour out his precious blood on all my family members and keep us in his path always..Love you Jesus

  78. Its a wonderful experience at tabor bhavan. Give Thanks and praise God all time and open up your hearts to god. Lord I thank you for all the blessings in my life. Protect & deliver me from all types of evil. Praise you lord, thank you Jesus.

  79. I have attended one Retreat at Tabor Bhavan, and Jesus touched my soul. Me and my wife were having regular fights and we are now headed to divorce. I belive in Jesus Christ that through his blood he will do a miracle and restore to me the joy. Let precious blood of Jesus fill her heart with the love of the Holy Spirit. Jesus please help us and touch both of us with love and only love.

    I love you Jesus
    I love you my Wife


  80. Thank you Lord for keeping me and my family always under your care. Now also Lord Jesus heal us mentally, physically and spiritually. You know all our needs much before we ask. I thank you and praise you always, mould us to do your will and accept our sinful ways. Be merciful to us Lord Jesus.

  81. Lord pls help me in these times of trouble i hv a fourteen years old son ma husband is away from us for the past one year he is in a lots of debts and his drinking habbits and cheating people have disturded our lives a lot we have gone so negitive in life that all that comes our way we see negitive in it theres a man in my life who cares for me a lot but i feel negitive after all tat i have seen in the past my son is in ssc i pray and lift him up to the lord that he does well in his studies and i pray to the lord that to forgive me for all the mistakes i have made in life and show me a better life pls keep us in prayer

  82. We are really disturbed with whats happening in our lifes we need to know what we should do we dont have any body to speak our hearts out to the lord knows the best i too need to chang a lot in my life i am very emotional and get cheated by people i need to change that in me its only love happiness and a good home i seek at the end of the day pls get us out of this bad time that we are facing change our lives i have all the faith in jesus he’ll surely bless us some day…

  83. Our lives belong to you oh.LORD
    Our body is a temple of god. Trust YOU LORD
    Protect us and guide us everywhere.

    Do good to those who hate you
    Love your enemies

    If you believe you will see the glory of god.

    Peter Furtado

  84. pls pray that my husband get a promotion as it will slove all are money problem i trust u jesus shower your blessing on us and everyone he needs a promotion badly i trust in you o lord

  85. Jesus my lord just few days i asked you for my husband promotion now there a place for a promotion pls lord make my husband to get that place it is a grade 7 i have faith in you lord i trust in you

  86. dear lord my brother in law is going to some rough time as he lost his job i pray that he gets a job soon and come out of that problem prasi u jesus

  87. my son is in the u.s for the past 10 years .i want him to get married as he is 35yrs .somehow nothing seems to work he is coming in dec .i want him to atlest get engaged and come back in may or april and get married .i hope my prayers r answered

  88. my brother is unmarried .he is 54 he has become an alcoholic .my father passed away in july.he has become very insecure .my father has made provision for his stay in that house itself but he cannot sell it as the other nominees r his grand children .so he abuses both his sisters and sends nasty sms .he has also created misunderstanding between me and my married brother so that he does talk to me .he has kept all our share certificates with him,we dont go to that house anymore plese pray that he gives up his drinking habit and comes back to his sense .i am worried as he is alone

  89. my son is in the u.s he is 35yrs old and unmarried .somehow nothing seems to click i request u to make aspecial prayer for him so that he settles down in a happy married life i am worried i promise i will come to ur ashram
    mrs pujari 4thnov 2011

  90. Praise the Lord.
    My father is bed-ridden since March 2011 and I alongwith my family have shifted to stay with my parents so that I can take care of them. Me alongwith my family want you to pray for my parents and also that the Lord gives us the strength and courage to look after my parents. Also pray that our family is protected from all sicknesses. Also pray that we be blessed with a bigger home.

  91. lord jesus pls heal my shoulder and lefthand.. i have big sin again you pls forgive me heal me. ineed to work for my daughters. there are studying and give them good brain to study and became pass in good marks and good health and be loving kind to each and everyone . forgive, help show good way. and be with us alway close to you… Amen N Amen

  92. please pray for me and my family as last so many years we are very lonely and facing lot of problems in our personal life ,social life ,and also financily and feeling that some eveil powers are troubling our family members and we are not having peace of mind and nor getting any blessings from Almighty GOD please forgive us as i admit that we are sinners.

  93. my name’s asha,iam november16,1.20pm i c 1 shadow&iam very scary2go my room.2day i go st.domanic church&father bless me.ifeel some hot going inmy body.iam lottoff years i didn’t take sacrement.i neglect the god.so god let me2come back he’s beside.thank u god.plz prayer4me&all always.praise the lord.i want2tell y iam like that plz give me ur phöne noumber.

  94. Lord please longing my spouse and my entire family to be closer to you. Placing my two growing sons to be on the right path and make me and my spouse understand them. I feel drifted away from you with day to day misunderstanding with my spouse. Also my dear bro & sister please pray i may fulfil my wish to visit tabor with my family. thank you jesus for blessing us with good jobs & a family.jesus my health is going bad there is no medication you are my doctor I know and have faith you are my healer please bring me closer to you day by day.

    Praise you jesus thank you jesus

  95. Respected fathers, sisters& brothers in the name of Jesus Christ,

    I am Mrs. Cicily would like to witness the blessings of God.. He is ready to fulfill all my needs. Last friday I attended the prayer meeting and I have received lot of blessings. One and half year ago I have been prayed for a vehicle for commercial purpose which I got during the year 2010 but I could not witness. And I was facing some more financial crisis due to this vehicle. Last friday I prayed a lot and father announced in the meeting that I am going to get relief from all the trouble from that vehicle and God is going to bless me. I firmly believe that will happen. P. consider this is witness.
    Praise you Jesus & thank you Jesus.

  96. My son has lost his job. I pray that the Lord send his Holy Spirit upon those who have dismissed him and may they change their minds and forgive my son and restore back his job.

    This a loud cry from deep within a mother’s heart. Please pray I want to be happy and see my son who is going to be a parent also happy.

    I pray for all in similar situation and also the sick and the needy.

    We can only approach you Lord the most forgicing God. No man on earth will forgive as you do. Love us abundantly and show it to us.

  97. i really trust on god! though i am not able to visit the tabor ashram, but i would really like you to pray for my result in feb…and the job of my father… i know god will vanish all the sorrow..praise the lord….

  98. Please at tabor Asram pray for me to get a child soon as my age is going against me…i have been to tabor ashram in 2010..i love my jesus, has given me and my husband lot of peace of mind…i have been happily married for 10 years nw…please all of u i need ur blessings n prayers…thank you jesus for excepting me in ur kingdom of peace n love!!!

  99. Hello everybody,

    I get goosebumps while reading the miracle.THinking of the ones who might have witnessed d same.

    I believe in the almighty and the signs of his presence in our lives .LOve you jesus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Plz pray for me as iam suffering from my left ear problem for the last 15 yrs. every month water like discharged flow from my ear i have shown many doctors for last 15 years till date

  101. I, her mother Mrs.Pushpa Dias and her father Lawrence Dias are worried about her future. She has graduated as a physiotherapist(BPT)but has not found a steady job and she is depressed very short tempered. Pray that she is healed and she also find a good life partner in her life.
    Praise you Jesus,Glorify you Jesus.

  102. I would request you to pray for my family who are greatly sinning.
    Please pray that Lord Jesus christ bless them and show them what they are doing. Amen.

  103. Dear Father & Sister,

    Please pray for my friend who has been ditected with stomach cancer which is in the third stage. Please pray that the cancer is cured as he is under going treatment, please pray that the doctors fine solution to his treatment. Please pray that he gets well soon and the cancer is removed from his body and he has a long and healthy life. Please fathers please.

  104. I came from Chennai and was looking out for a Job, i applied couple of places for a job and attended only one interview. Since i wanted things to work out faster as i was in desperate need of a job went to Tabor for a retreat when i came back the company where i had gone for an interview called me said that my name is shortlisted and i can join immediately. I really thank and praise Jesus for performing this miracle from the bottom of my heart.

  105. Father please pray for my brother Kennedy, he does not want to go to work, he has a wife and a baby plus his sick mother whom he iltreats and there is no peace in their home.

  106. plz pray for me as i m going from phisical problem plz help mee i m not getting my periods and karyotype is telling that i m xy and i want to be xx so plz help



  109. i have lots of problem but i want only one thing that my family mom , dad , my wife ,son , & my brothers always be happy i can do any thing for them . pls god pray for us that we all always be happy give me the power to fight agains problem to solve all problems , i dont want any thing for me . but i love my family …………..pray for us ,pray for us ,pray for us ,pray for us ,pray for us ,pray for us ,pray for us ,pray for u ,

  110. Dear Fathers, please pray for my brother menino fernandes he fails all the time for US visa interview. He has applied again so please pray that he passes this time.

  111. sight is very good if you can arrange to listen tabor songs we will be very benefited. and also direct us where to submit the prayer request.

  112. Respected Fathers and Sisters,
    I Mr Menino Fernandes, I am going Bombay today to give my USA Visa Interview and my interview is on 15th March. Please pray for me that i passes for my interview. and all my work to be done. Before i failes twice for the interview and i very fed up.Please please keep me in your prayer

  113. Respected Fathers and Sisters,
    I Mr Menino Fernandes, I am going Bombay today to give my USA Visa Interview and my interview is on 16th March. Please pray for me that i passes for my interview. and all my work to be done. Before i failes twice for the interview and i very fed up.Please please keep me in your prayer

  114. i got married in 2007.but i am childless.please pray for me to get a child .and also for our bussiness to recover from all the difficulties.as we are mooving to new housebless us with good neighbours.

  115. dear fathers,
    please pray for me that i may pass my final exames of SYBcom
    i really am worried abt it i dnt get sleep at night
    i cant concentrate in anythng else
    please fathers i only pray for passing out
    i have an issue with papers i.e economics, commerce and accounts i pray that only one paper frm these i should pass
    i dnt ming getting a KT
    but i dnt wanna get dropped this year
    please father help me please
    please pray for me

  116. Please pray for me as i’m 35yrs not yet married.I hve got a proposal its 1yr now something or the other problems are there from boys family things are not working accordingly.His name is Sujan.Kutty he loves me but thinking about the problem he wants me to get married to someone else. I’m worried because all my relatives know about him and now if this marriage doesnt work then me and my family will be let down.

  117. Dear Father

    Kindly pray for peace in my family. My husband is jobless since 8 month now, kindly pary that he becomes more responsible and that he finds a decend job, so that he can support our family. He is become very aggresive and keeps on fighting or arguing. My daughter(8years) is very intellegent but does not take interest in studing. When I try to correct her in regards to her behaviour, my husband scolds me in front of her.Please pray for her too,as at this age she has started to loose her hair. In 1 month the quantity of her hair has become half of what she had, I am really worried. She gets scared at night, saying that she feels someone is around her. Since we shifted to this new house in December, My health too has deterioated. I often fall sick, due to which I cannot concentrate on my family and job. There is too much of tension at work too. Please pray for us.

  118. i made my pray request to tabor ashram and all my requests were granted, three big ones,asbestos cancer of Ian, Samanthi to travel to sri lanka and changing her way of life to a good one with a baby boy, and a safe secure job with better salary in the present company.

  119. we need to pray for the people in prison for more than 20 years and are sick, all athourity need to get lineant to make way for their release, people in hospitals who have no one to interceed on their behalf we need to pray for them we also need to pray for all people that they may not loose faith after losing their job but our lord will open another door when one closes. we pray for the holy sprit to guide , protect and lead us all to a healthy life we need to pray for souls in pergotary, for departed souls to attain a place in heaven, for the souls of our departed brothers sisters and family members that their sould may be in haven AMEn.

  120. Holy Mass is always the celebration of the Eucharistic sacrifice of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST GIVING HIMSELF TO US. I believe and think that our daily lives are filled with miracles but we assume them and therefore only pay attention to an unusual occurrence. However, as a believer in JESUS CHRIST AS TRUE GOD FROM GOD, I am convinced that HE is ever present and can show himself to us at any time HE deems appropriate. Also at such times he wants to deliver to us a special and important message. In this case, I believe JESUS was passing to us the message about the importance and significance of the EUCHARISTIC CELEBRATION during the HOLY MASS. PRAISE HONOR AND GLORY BE GOD THE ALMIGHTY, INDEED HE REIGNS FOR EVER.

  121. Praise the lord! Father please pray for my sister cynthia dsouza who is possessed by one lady named Mrs . Marshall Dsouza. my sister is having four small kids. Please pray for her so that she may be free from this spirit.

  122. Please prayer for my dad who has got paralytic attack please jesus through your precious blood heal my dad denis dsouza My mother is already a paralytic patient but now my dad is in the hospital for the same reason lord you said ask and you shall receive jesus i know that i am a sinner but you will never fosake us please jesus let your holy spirit fall over my dad and in your name he gets healed jesus alleluia……

  123. I am hindu family last month pray request for payment increment

    jesus for balse me my payment incrment is my exception is double

    thank you jesus. jesus loves me thank you jesus
    jo be kuch maag tu mai mail jayga

  124. i prayed and sent a petition for my son in the u.s to gaet married and he got married on 26feb a million thanks i will visit ur ashram as soon as it is possibleplease pray for his happy married life and his green card gets thru.also pray for my sisters house court case that everything works out fine in her favour

  125. Father i have my results on the 3rd
    father i am really tensed as i have issues in 3 subjects
    God i just want clearance in atleast one subject from those 3 so that i dont fail and i dnt have to repeat the year
    father please help me and please pray for me

  126. Abba … Please pray for me to get a stable and secured job with better salary as i am looking and nothing is working . I know with your prayers and blessings and with the word of God, Miracle will happen soon.

  127. dear father please pray that my sisters court case of her house works out in her favour i promise i will send her to ur ashram also pray that she gets her daughter married and also finds a good job

  128. Lord pls help me u knw that i am ging through a tough phase in my life. Pls lord do not seperate me from the person i love whom u hv got in my life. My family and I are going through a lot of emotional turmoil. Lord i m sorry for making my family unhappy but I am unhappy too why is my family not agreeing for our marriage.Can’t bear to live my life without him my lord. Pls change my parents and his parents hearts.Please let me and my beloved get married with your blessings. Please help me and SN financially.Lord bless all with health, wealth, peace and Harmony.Protect us from evil.. Lord let my faith not be diminished I am dying every moment in pain..Please lord i beg have mercy..Let my faith grow in stronger..Amen

  129. Please god i beg forgive my sins but don’t punish me my making marry someone whom i don’t love..Have mercy Jesus

  130. Dear Fathers,

    Please pray that my friend will be going to the US for his further treatment of cancer, which says that there are 70% chances of his survival from the chronic disease of stomach cancer. Please pray that he is cured 100% from this disease and has long and healthy life.

    With all my faith i fall back to Jesus, fathers are the medium for prayer to him, therefore i approach Tabor for the blessings from God for my friend. Please Fathers and Sisters pray for my friend.

  131. Me and my family have been praying for years now but God does not seem to be hearing our prayers. Please pray for my son to turn back to the church. He has stopped his prayers and says there is no God. He is only after money and has been fighting not looking after the family business and going to play games at video parlous. he has become very aggressive and abusive and refuses to come for counseling. Please pray that God calls him to Tabor for prayers. Many times in the past you have prayed for him. He desperately needs prayers and to settle down in life. Once again father we ask you to place him at Gods altar when you pray.

  132. Lord Please help me to find a permanent Job, so that I can fulfill the financial Obligations which I have, My two kids are suffering due to my financial stress and I’m trying to get through. I have prayed and trusted that you will help me and my family. sweet Jesus thank you for all that you have done for me and my family. Now in this time of need, please guide me through my interview tomorrow, so that i have the right words to say, I know that you have right Job for me. Lord, Please be my guide and i Leave my problems in your hands . let me not to be tail but the head, Praise the Lord thank you Jesus Amen

  133. dear fathers,

    Pls prayer for me and our family. my problem is one is fibrod in utrus and now my neck very paining last 20 days something is in neck right side. i don’t konow what is that.i’m very
    up set for this reason.

    Another problem my sister, she is paining her hear prblem.
    so many medicines she will take.
    pls pray me and my sister and my mummy, daddy.pls.pray for us

  134. Abba Father, I pray for my entire family that they may have good health and work in your name. Be your true followers. Lord protect myself and my entire family from evil attacks. Lord there are lot of hurdle and thorns my way when I am proceeding further to do some good job for the betterment of the society as a whole. Lord please guide me and be at my side to lead me to the right path and achieve my desired goals. Also pray that while removing the thorns let it not hurt other people but I should be able to proceed further in your name.
    Lord I wish to make your name known to the masses by my good work and social activities.

  135. plz pray for my dad that he leave alcohol and cigrate ,my brother get a good job and leave all bad habits,and that i pass my d.ed 1st and 2nd year with good percentage. my 2 subjects are back,pray for good percent..there are financial problem too.please shower ur blessing in my family…praise the lord..

  136. My uncle has liver problem. His liver got completely damaged. His condition is become very critical. I kindly request you to please pray for my uncle. Praise the Lord!

  137. Everything is possible with jesus Iam praying to abba to return my money which is stuck in many places.

  138. Plz pray for me to get rid of my honest debts of my business & also pray for me planning to buy a place with his blessings & help.

  139. Tabor ashram is a place where Jesus is present physically.I join the saturday service and First Friday service since15 years.In my ups and downs Jesus is always there to guide me.Pl take advantage of the Free prayer meetings held in this place…PRAISE THE LORD>>> vincent

  140. Please pray for me and my family for a home for us and for my brother Edward Patel and he is diagnose with block in the artery and is asked to undergo a by-pass , please pray for him and as he is financially not strong and we trust in lord abba our loving father to bless us in all our problems and for my aling sister suffering with diabetes which is always high

  141. praise you Jesus you are our awesome god alleluia Jesus praise you Jesus love you lord bless your holy name lord

  142. hello, sir mein ek muslim ladki hu, but shuru se hi mein khuda pr bhut trust krt hu aur mujhe jb bhi moka milta h, mein church jati hu, aur daily bible padhti hu, dua krti hu, aur usi trust k sath mein apse4 apni job k liye dua krwana chahti hu, wo kya h, sir mene ek govt. job jiska naam h, RASTRIYE GRAMEEDH SWASTH MISSION mein aply kiya h, but wo clear nhi ho pa raha h, aur uski clearfication ka time iss month ka hi mila h, so i really rqst u sir mere job k liye dua kriyega because i really need job kyoki sir mera sb kuch mere job hone pr depand krta h, sir, mein ek christian ladke ko bhut pyar krti hu, aur hm dono shadi krna chahte h, pr ap smjh skte h, kitni prob. h, isliye sir meri job ka hona bhut zaruri h, aur mein kisi keemat pr alok ko nhi khona chahti hu so pls ap meri shadi aur job k liye dua kriyega and sir meri information k liye mujhe iss msg ka rply kriyega thank u sir,

  143. we have a problem our family is attacked by unseen enemies ,sum strange thigs happen at home sum sound,no peace at home in the family, lord i ask u to protect our family from his diastrous things . please pray for us

  144. I humbly request to pls pray for me. My fiance is going away from me due to his family emotional presure and unexpected hurdles complication. We have been in this relationship for more than 11 years, waited engaged with both families blessing in year 2011. I dont understand what went wrong suddenly thing started becoming bad to worst and his family became adament heartless. My Family and i are praying deeply with deep trust and hope for restoration. Humbly request you to please prayer to restore his true love and faith for me and miraculuos re-union of both our families with our loving blessing of our marriage. In mighty name of Jesus. Thank you Jesus, Praise you Jesus.


  146. Dear father, please save my mother as she is suffering from kidney cancer and reports will come after 4days, please father pray for her that the reports should be not critical and that kindey cancer should be curabale easily

  147. Dear father, please save my mother as she is suffering from kidney cancer and reports will come after 4days, please father pray for her that the reports should be not critical and that kidney cancer should be curabale easily

  148. Let whole world realize the real presence and love of Jesus and whole world families enjoy the peace of Jesus in there life. Let the word of God burns all the wounds and pains in the human life. Let blood Jesus heal all sickens and remove all killings & cruelties in the world. Let us pray for each other to get powerful presence of Jesus and cure all our sickness and tensions around. I love you Jesus and pour out thy spirit in me and give me your wisdom.

  149. I am writing this request for my husband. He having a bad habits for drinking and he cannot control his anger. I think most of the time he is in anger mood that time he is using abusing words to children and me. (eg. gali). I cannot accept these type of languages. and also he un necessarily beating with his children. That’s why our life is not going peacefully and happily. Our main problem is our understanding amongst us. He is not listening any thing me. Many times I advised him. but not caring, listening to others. So please pray for peace in our home. Yr. valuables prayers i am begging.

  150. Kindly pray for my mother’s good health and long life with a healthy mind. Also, kingly pray for daddy’s good health.
    Please keep in your prayer the well-being of my brother and Babby.

    I am myslef having differnt health problems,like, lack of concentration, cronic jerk in my abdomen, and bed-wetting, apaart from an unsuccessful career.
    Kindly pray for God’s blessing for all of us.

  151. i have been searching for job for quite some time through various websites and friends but not getting through..Please pray i may get a decent job.also please pray for me and my wife to get back together..going through a rough patch..help me lord…

  152. Lord Jesus please help my Brother John Savio Cabral to ge a call to go on the Ship as, he is jobless 9 mths .Also Lord remove all his bondages and help him find a suitable life partner as he is 48 yrs old.Lives all alone in Goa.Thank U Jesus Praise You Jesus.

  153. I want my son to leave his bad habits of smoking / drinking alcohol/ bad friends circle and take his study seriously. Please pray for my son

  154. Jesus please heal my neck, shoulder and chest pain. I am suffering very badly due to this pain. If god’s wish then i am also planning to concieve very soon. Please heal me and give me good health all the time.

  155. I love my Jesus very much and I always pray and wish that my mother, brothers,sister and mother in law come back to the Lord Jesus. Both my parents and in laws although catholics worship idols. I follow the first commandmet both OT and NT and pray that all catholics in the world do the same. Please pray for them.

  156. My son Marvin Vaz,who is in the xth std this year is not studying doing all naughty things, all the teachers inlcuding the principal his complaining about his behaviour please pray that he become good boy and lord jesus give him wisdom, knowledge and understanding fill with holyspirit, and become a godfear boy. Although i am having lots of financial problem, i do not make anything less for him he his simply beating his sisters,during rosary he sits and does not say anything avoids being called during prayer time.

  157. i am in very trable & suffuring evry muntes i cant remove this loan have to manage & have to speak i dont now what i do i just pray to god & told my pblm evry time please tell me what i do?

  158. dear father & sister pls pray for me pls tell god why he examin me he donst love me either i am not come in that possition pls tell me pls do something o god dont live me alone pls help me pls god give me a proper way to i go pls help me


  160. I am a Hindu and I believe in Jesus. We have been cheated by my Husband’s brother & his wife by taking all our shares. I am praying to Jesus to punish them for doing this to us. Pls pray for me. We want to go to Tabor to pray and we will go there very near future and pray. PRAISE THE LORD! Sujatha

    1. Dear Sujata,
      Jesus came to this world as a human being and endured suffering and was crucified for our salvation. He carried out the will of His Heavenly Father who is merciful and our Creator. Do not ever pray to God to punish others no matter how bad you think that person is. God knows and sees everything. Leave it to Him. Jesus forgave all those who harmed Him. It is very difficult for us to forgive others who have done us harm. But the prayer our Lord taught us says”…..forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us..” So please pray for those who harm you just as you pray for those who you love. God will do the rest whatever is best for us.

  161. dear father & sister
    i belong to hindu family i am 30 year old my family is veriod for marrage what can i do i desided live alone for long time is this dicisen corret for me or not pls tell me jejus i need ur help for evry thing so pls help me

  162. My dear father & sister pls,pls,pls pray for me i have no any idia what to do & what i say pls save me jejus pls remove this loan pls give me a one chance i promice u i dont repit my mistek again pls save me i think i am going to mad position i have ur mirackel pls god save me pls,pls,pls…………………………………………….

  163. Praise & Thank God for this lovely & wonderful miracle in Tabor.I request all the catholic faithful to please give all due respect & reverence when you receive the Holy Communion for there are some of us who just receive it for name sake to show people that i have also taken the Holy Communion.
    “This small piece of Bread & Wine will not only nourish your body but will make you grow physically strong in Spiritual.”
    Thank you JESUS.

  164. dear father & sister pls help me icant undsd what i do pls tell me proper ans pls save my life pls o jejus all is u pls ans me that no.8898780400

  165. I am married to a hindu person.Our marriage is not blessed in the church..For 3 years he believed in Jesus Christ and used to come with me in the church and retreats.But now for past few months because of the pressure from his parents stopped praying and coming o the church.He is addicted to liquor and cigarette.Please pray for him that he should stop smoking and drinking and should come back to Lord Jesus.I pray for his health and success also.Please pray for me & my family also.

  166. Please pray for me
     My name is Diana and I am from Goa I like a boy who is my cousin (mother’s brother’s son) Name-Charles, we like each other for almost more than 13 years and the boy’s father is ok with our relation but my mummy is not at all ready to get us married this is because Charles was into drinking, smoking, going late night out in clubs etc and she thinks that he has not left everything till now. We both had broke off due to Charles bad habits and this became more worst, now since he has left all his bad habits as he said I have come back to him, we both cannot leave each other, please pray that our full family agrees specially my mother and get us married and that Charles leaves all his bad habits if he has any and make both of us peaceful, understanding, caring, loving and follow God’s steps in future.

  167. a very powerful prayer, has effect in 3 days: “holy spirit you who make me see everything and who shows me the way to reach my ideals you who give me the divine gift to forgive and forget all that is done to me and you who are in all instances of my life with me. I in this short dialogue want to thank you for everything and affirm once more that I never want to be separated from you no matter how great the material desires may be. I want to be with you and my loved ones in their perpectual glory. To this end and submitting to God’s holy will I ask you…..

  168. My dear father & sister pls,pls,pls pray for me i have no any idia what to do & what i say pls save me jejus pls remove this loan pls give me a one chance i promice u i dont repit my mistek again pls save me i think i am going to mad position i have ur mirackel pls god save me pls,pls,pls…………………………………………….

  169. As I had lend 3 lakhs rupees to Joe and Renu Fernandes on 8.8.2012, they told me that thy will return in a month’s time, so i got the money against my gold from the bank, now almost three months have passed they are neither returning my money nor attending my calls, as they have switched off their mobiles, and they are not available at their residence in mira road also. I am in heavy tension and getting into depression, I am getting suicidal feelings also and i am not sleeping at night also, we are very poor and with great difficulty i have made this gold for our future, so please help me out of this problem, and pray for me, i am reciting the prayers with you had given me daily since last six days, and above all i am diabetic person and because of the stress my sugar level is also increasing, i beg of you to please for my my intention, Thanks & Regards

    1. Dear Tresa,
      I know it has been a couple of years since you posted about your situation. I hope Almighty has heard your cry for help. Do not lose faith in God or in prayers. Good Lord hears all our prayers. Sometimes He tests us and our Faith. He is loving, kind and merciful. He knows and He will deliver. Keep your Faith in Him.

  170. Dear, Father

    Jesus i love u so much, n i have some problem jesus me ek ladke se bahot pyar karti hu or wo bhi mujhse bahot pyar karta hai or hum dono ek hi cast ke hai hum 1 sal se relationship me hai, but some problem ki wajah se usne mujhse duri bana li hai jesus please help me mujhe uski bahot hi jarurat hai or me usse khona nahi chahti hu please meri madad karo or me is friday ya fir saturday ko tabor ashram aa rahi hu please jesus mujhe mera pyar wapas kar do because i cant live without him please jesus mene apke bare me baho suna hai please jesus aaj aapko sabit karana padega ki aap ho har sachayi ke sath ho or me jisse pyar karti hu uska nam hai trilok please jesus jab tak me aapke pass aau mujhe mera pyar de dena please jesus n please father pray for me….

  171. Dear, Father

    Jesus i love u so much, n i have some problem jesus me ek ladke se bahot pyar karti hu or wo bhi mujhse bahot pyar karta hai or hum dono ek hi cast ke hai hum 1 sal se relationship me hai, but some problem ki wajah se usne mujhse duri bana li hai jesus please help me mujhe uski bahot hi jarurat hai or me usse khona nahi chahti hu please meri madad karo or me is friday ya fir saturday ko tabor ashram aa rahi hu please jesus mujhe mera pyar wapas kar do because i cant live without him please jesus mene apke bare me baho suna hai please jesus aaj aapko sabit karana padega ki aap ho har sachayi ke sath ho or me jisse pyar karti hu uska nam hai trilok please jesus jab tak me aapke pass aau mujhe mera pyar de dena please jesus n please father pray for me….

  172. dear father ab mai aur kya kahu mere pass jitana hai usme bhi koi aur hi share kar leta hai to mere liye kya rakha hai tune meri mehanat ka bhi koi matalab nahi nahi mere sath kuch acha kabhi hota hai to mai kisko dosh doo kuch samaz nahi aata harbar ek nai problem muze gher leti hai

  173. dear father
    i thank u for helping my son get married .he is in the u.s plesae help himout with his green card and find a house in india .please help my grandson overcome his health problem.i will come soon to offer my thanksgiving

  174. my parents were separated for 4 years, i was in complete distress ans agony. i prayed to the lord everyday to bring my parents togather. i came to tabor last year and stayed for 3 days i prayed hard for my parents to be togather . the lord heard my prayer within 15 days my parents got togather. praise the lord alleluia !!!! i am very happy now thankyou jesus !!!

  175. heard of tabor a lot but never got a chance to experiance it.my father passed away a few months before and it is really difficult for my mother to get over it.she is growing weak day after day and i cant bear dis.so all my prayers are for her.plus i love someone but i’m not sure if he loves me back.and it doesnt matter what he thinks of me.kindly pray for him and his family too.

  176. Praise the lord . Lord Jesus i thank you for all the blessing you have showered upon me and my family .you have give me much more than i ever thought of. give me the grace that i may always serve you in all that i can. Bless our son that he too may follow your footstep . Give good health for my husband and me and all my family members. Thank you JESUS , Praise you JESUS, glorify your name lord JESUS.

  177. dear father & sister,
    o god pls help me i cant live this situvation. i am going to mad position how to give a money today i dont dont know what to do but trust in your miracles life & i also see your miracles so i sure doday you help me again pls dont break my life becouse your vachan is my life & i live to only that way pls god help me & save me.

  178. Please pray for my son Sidon to get high first class marks in each subjects of his final SSE based 10th Std Exams, specially in Maths, Science & English. Pray for him to do very well in tomorrow’s social science exams and get high first class. Most urgent is, please pray for sidon to get a confirmed admission for Science stream with computer science for 11th Grade by the end of March.

  179. Please pray for our sponsor Ibrahim to do all the formalities to unblock the his labour/license authorization. Pray that our company license will be renewed soon and our company will be able to appoint new and efficient engineers soon. Thank you

  180. I am going through a very very bad time I am not getting a good and permanent job and my husband too is facing the same problem. We are not able to get a house and also facing financial problems. Iam depressed, frustrated with failure and being unsucessful and lonely and have nobody to share my problem with. Inspite of all this I feel his power working on me He has made me calm and face the problems with courage. Yet I want you to pray for permanent good job, house and finance. What is impossible for mankind is possible for the good Lord. Thats what I believe in Amen. Praise the Lord.

    1. Leave everything to HIM as he knows all our plan and desires as it is said in Jeremiah 29: 11 ” I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring out the future you hope for. then you will come and pray to me and l answer. you will seek and you will find me, because you will seek me with all your heart! BELIEVE and TRUST in the LORD and you will be blessed.

      May the Almighty bless every human being with s HOLY SPIRIT including me and all those who has requested for personal intentions and let everyone’s prayers be answered. Let there be peace in every household.


  182. Hi, iam Edward,
    I visit tabor asharam every year this year I enjoyed my retreat, full of things happening get in as a devil, come out as a saint, I wish everyone would come to know the love of lord
    It’s quite simple keep up with ten commandments of the lord try hard not to sin, if lts difficult take it to the lord as a complain and ask for support from him. and love the lord god only and remember he is watching you all the time

  183. I am having a good life With all the blessing of lord Jesus and mother Mary ,
    I thank you lord Jesus for all the blessing you have showered on me and my family and helping my nephew to open up a small cafe .
    I thank you lord Jesus for changing my life and making me a new person in life.
    Lord Jesus fill me with your Holy Spirit and don’t let any evil spirit come on me to fulfil my mission and my goal to help my nephew in his cafe .
    Lord Jesus be with me all the time and fill me with your spirit of knowledge and wisdom so that It can be very helpful for my nephew new cafe .
    Lord Jesus I have faith in you and I am sure that you will be always with me to fulfilling my goal and mission.
    Lord Jesus I want to pray for all the nephews in this world who has started new business , help them in all their path of the business to run it in successful way.
    Thank you lord Jesus my heart is opened to you come in to my heart and fill me with your Holy Spirit .
    All my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ let us all pray for each other.
    Love you Jesus praise you Jesus thank you Jesus

  184. Lord Jesus ,
    I am at a breaking point ,as I am overburdened with the financial problems. The person who is helping me get a personal loan is playing the fool.Its been six months I have been patient enough , waiting for the day I get the money in my account , so that I can pay the credit card loans.I plead everyday but in vain.
    I beg of you Jesus ,please please help me out and give me a lending hand and pull me out of this darkness that surrounds me.My kids ask for small basic requirements like a frock or a pastry n pizza which I am unable to fulfill, as I have no cash left inspite of getting my monthly salary. I am depressed and not in a good frame of mind.
    Lord Jesus , I trust and have faith in YOU. I know you will not let me down.
    Please guide this lost sheep and save me from this wilderness of thorns called financial crisis.

    Your everloving child.

  185. i am a very straight forward person and I hate PRIDE and I just cannot stand people who show off their pride. and in today’s world TRUTH is not acceptable by any means and the whole universe is supported by lies and even LIAR find victory in courts also. Almighty God I am also fighting a personal case for some illegal construction issues and there are top level political people blocking the truth with their high influence. please pray for my case to be solved & disposed off as soon as possible and let the TRUTH be supported with god’s blessing so that no LIAR should find victory no matter how much they try their best.

    Let them realize that there is someone GREATER than them who can do justice without taking bribe and truth can over any lie. let the guilty feel that he is guilty.

    Praise the Lord!

  186. My family is troubling from a person called Harry after my dad death he came into my mom life but he is very bad person he is tourchering myself & mother.know we are not with him but still he blackmails me & my mother please pray that person has to leave my family & go . Iam praying daily but still the problems are more i dont know what to do some time i feel that i should die because daily my family cries i cannot see this so pls pray for my family

  187. please pray for my daughter and son-in-law that they may be healed physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Please pray that as they having hatred, grudge and unforgiveness. Please pray that they are healed completely. There is a misundertanding between me and them and not ready to hear. They have ego and pride in them. Please help them to be humble.

  188. please pray for my mother “s knee pain from last 15 years, she is been suffering, and also her diabetes to be cleared,also i pray for my heart desire, thanks

  189. Dear Father,

    Pls pray for me and my family. We are going through a lot of financial problems in our life.Only Lord Jesus you can save us, protect us,forgive us sinners and show us the way. I have given my house on a heavy deposit for 15 lakhslast year since i was going through a lot of debts and from that money i cleared little debts. I had to give my house on heavy deposit because my husband left us in the middle of the way leaving my parents and me and my daughter gave money of their house and also i have a daughter of 9 years. My husband did’nt even think of his daughter while leaving the house. beacause of him not coming home my father committed suicide.We all were in a lot of depression. i had no money how to run the house i was not knowing then i surrended myself everything on Jesus. Afterthat life started changing. NO one used to come to my house for rent because my father committed suicide but i got a tenant and i gave it on a heavy deposit of 15 lakhs last year. I had also been to DIVINE RETREAT CENTRE POTTA TWO TIMES IN 2013.my husband is creating a problem for me everytime. but i do regular prayers and go for a konkani prayer every thursday also.My hUsband has filed a divorse in April’14 and he has claimed for the daughter’s custody since he has not come to even see her from last one and half year.Father I cannot give my daughter to him,I have decided to shift back to my own house but i need 15 lakhs to give back to the tenant. I do have money.Father pls pray forme Jesus should arranged money to give to the tenant and take us to our own house and my husband should not come to the court for any hearing and the case should get closed.Father i have lost my daddy but i do not any to loose my daughter, my mother and my house. father pls pray for me. I do not have money to pay the EMI every month. whatever i am earning that goes in my house expenses. Father i am in a lot of problems pls pray..Jesus pls show me the way.halleluia Jesus, Praise you Jesus, We love you Jesus

  190. I desperately need prayers for me and for my mother, I implore physical healing for us. I beg God to have mercy on our weakness and our misery. The pain runs through our lives. I ask for prayers for the family of my brother, for economic aid and to find a good job for my sister in law. I pray the Lord so much to help all of us in all our needs and demands, to grant us the Holy Spirit with his gifts and charisms and a lot of faith and humility. God deliver us from the evil bless us and grant us all the graces necessary for eternal salvation. Remember all of us in the Eucharistic adoration and holy mass, we can not attend every day as we would like, diseases prevent us from doing many things, even to work well and do what we need in everyday life. Lord, You know everything, our heart is waiting for your light, your love, your grace, through the intercession of all the saints gives us every grace. Thank you.

  191. I NEED PRAYER FOR HEALING OF MY WIFE GOING UNDER DIALYSIS FOR KIDNEY FAILURE. She is goes thru severe pain and inconvenience after her dialysis this was because she was taking her dialysis from a inserted tube in the neck.
    I would like to narrate here an incident…. It so happened that I had been to a healing prayer service on first Friday in October 2014, on Saturday her dialysis was changed to the arms and it was smooth and there were no symptoms and she felt good. On Sunday the tube which was inserted in the neck automatically fell off as she was sitting and talking [6 inch pipe thru that the blood is taken out for dialysis] it was as though that someone had pulled it out.. maybe it was God’s miraculous sign, we thanked His Holy name and at the same time all were scared… my daughter rushed her to the hospital and the doc said it is alright and removed the stitches and the plaster… next session was done on the arm it was smooth and no symptoms of any sort, presuming now onward the dialysis would be smooth going…. when we went again for dialysis it could not be done on the arm because there was blood-clot and the arm had swelling and gave her severe pain so she had to miss one dialysis, this is causing concern.
    Rev.Father & the intercessory prayer group I request you’ll to pray for my wife that there shouldn’t be another second insertion in the neck and the blood-clot to disappear from the arms and the dialysis to be resumed smoothly. Amen

  192. MY MOTHER, 67 years, a very simple lady, suffering from brain disease for the last 2 years living in thane. she was always a very active member in the church and the sodality member. loved to serve the church. she went into depression due to jealousy, evil thoughts and eyes by church members. she lost all her confidence and lost interest in everything.

    we have been changing her medication from time to time to give her the best treatment and to see her well again.


    i wanted to bring her to tabor for the healing service on saturday but she is not in a position to walk steadily. i humbly request you to pray in a special way for her recovery.

    i wish you could meet my mother if its the LORDS’ will or keep her in your prayers.

    i have seen and heard to many testimonies in tabor. i also want to give my testimony for my mother.

    the surgery is very costly. it is depressing to see our mother who was so fit and active in this state.


  193. Respected Brothers & Sisters,
    Request your Urgent Prayers for my immediate Promotion in Office, so that I can help many and can donate more for Gospel Works and for Charity Works in Andhra Pradesh. ( I have been praying and waiting for this Promotion since 2006).
    – Soman Mathews, Chennai, India.

  194. Dear Religious and Laity at Tabor, please pray for Mrs V Dsa who is in ICU due to complications in the intestine for the past 4 days. Need your prayer and healing touch of our Lord, Jesus.
    Also a young man suffering from fits often, he may be cured as his whole future lies a head of him.
    Heal them Lord and they shall be healed, save them Lord and they shall be saved for you are our praise.

  195. My Elder Son studied upto eight standard. Thereafter he took up automobile course and secured a job with a automobile dealer. he is since 2006 working. his payment is very less. he is now married and has a cute little baby boy. his financial status is very poor. he has given interview with a government department. upto now no reply to anyone. He is also drinking at occasions and smoking alot. i want this habit of his to stop. Kindly pray for his change of job or he gets a better payment in his present job. That is God’s will. He knows better. Also my Younger son is studying kindly pray for him so that he completes his education and he gets a better job and both my Sons be good children and god fearing.

  196. pray for mrs cf she practise whitchcraft blackmagic at home by herself n l n my fly r suffering under her for ten years she also worships idols.

    pls keep me n my flamily in your prayers.

    also pray for my husband he has fracture his left shoulder n has to clear his medical
    pray for speedy recovery.

  197. Please pray for me and my fiancé that our love for eachother is
    strengthened…we have been together for ten years and were to be
    married…but our wedding has been called off….please pray that we
    receive the holy spirit and are reunited for life..please forgive me for all my sins…praise you jesus.

  198. PRAY FOR US

  199. please pray for the Family Tree Healing in all aspects of life, sicknesses, illnesses, change of denominations, HIV, LACK OF JOBS, incurable ear titnus, carpel tunnel sydrome, pray for the departed souls, alchohol, scattered members of family, broken marriages even those who marry in church do not stay, worries anxiety, insomnia, stroke, blood pressure, hatred, misunderstandings, curses etc. pls pray as we also pray.I believe something will happen. In the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit,. our Mother Mary

  200. my niece Irene Muthoni passed on on Saturday, she has a huge bill of 32,020 and other expenses are expected for her send off in order to be laid to rest on friday.

    1. Pray that the Father in heaven who loved her so much may forgive her sins and receive her soul into eternal kingdom.
    2. pray that the two kids she has left may get all they need especially education and school fees, food and security.
    3. that a sponsor may be found so that we take them to Boarding schools where their spirituality will be natured.
    4. that my mother may accept the death of my niece tHat it may not affect her health wise.
    5. That Christine may get a peaceful job to care for the family and get GOOD husband and get children.
    6. That Regina may recover from the shock of her daughter dying and she may forgive her.
    7. That we may be able to coope up with the death of our niece.
    thank you Jesus praise you Jesus.

  201. Please pray for Angelo to get promotion on the ship as a Chief Plumber, please give him an extension in his contract for atleast 9 months. keep him in good health, Jesus touch him and deliver him from the addiction of alcohol and cigrattes, and friends teach him to save, make him love his wife and kids, Jesus bless him with a 9 month contract on the ship

  202. Please pray for my husband that he may be filled with the Holy Spirit and he may realize the mistake what he is doing in his life and he may try to change himself and that our marriage reltionship may strengthen.

  203. please pray for my daughter she’s suffer thalasamia ( blood Cancer ). from age of 4 month. i attend so many time retreat and one day prayer. but dont get result. and so many time i put my prayer in prayer drop box. but i dont no why jesus cant help me. also i planning come to prayer this summer.

  204. Please pray that I may be healed,I believe I have PCOS and Hirsutism.
    Please pray to The Lord for me.
    Lord please shower your grace upon me.

  205. Dear All,

    Please pray for the successful completion of our financial job. We are suffering from this financial crises since November 2010. Obstacles after obstacles we are facing. Please pray for Mr.Gladwin so that he is united with his children, Bettly and Alice in Scotland. Also pray for Mr. Gladwin’s speedy recovery and instant approval.

  206. lord jesus heal my daughter Noelia from her Tonsils and cold. Dr. said to remove, I dont want to remove,she badly need of your healing touch, touch her lungs, heart,mind and her throat with you precious blood. shower your blessing on her make her fit make her to walk and heal her from all her suffering.
    give her the soundful sleep. may lord jesus heal her with your healing touch. thank you lord Jesus.Praise you lord Jesus

  207. I have been in relationship with a girl for the last 8years and our families are also fine with our relationship but as i have some family and financial issues we are not able to marry.

    Please pray for us so that we may be able to marry soon without any problems.
    I had a Knee Surgery last month. Please also pray that I may have a speedy recovery.

    Thanks and God bless
    Savio Fernandes

  208. Myself Jooby Abraham 26 yrs, humbly request your prayers for a good stable job which i have not yet received, as i belong to a medium class family where my parents and my brother’s education everything has to be cared by me only and the financial condition is not at all fine. I have done my B.tech in computers in 2012 but not yet got a good job. Also please pray for us so that we can get a good home as the home where we are staying is a very very small rooms with lots of disturbances and problems from neighbors side from past 25 yrs due to which half the peace in my family is being lost with tensions. Please pray for us,so that with the powerful grace we will blessed.

  209. Pray for my lover that some miracle haven into my lover and his heart and mind change and he will come back to my life whole heartedly.Please Please Pray for him that lord through his Powerful Grace into his Heart and mind so that he change and come into my life as he was before with whole heartedly. and I am preparing for my Competative exam and I will pass that exam and i will got that job. Please Please Pray for me and my love. Please Please Pray for us

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