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Praising God – even when things go wrong

N, who is an extremely close friend, and I booked tickets to attend a common friend S’s wedding functions in Kerala.

As evident from N & my whatsApp chat screenshot above, we were SO EXCITED about the trip WEEKS before we were to leave!

Besides the obvious joys of a trip and a wedding, N is also going to immigrate soon and the opportunity to spend some alone time with her seemed like a God given blessing.

So we discussed what we’d wear (we had both picked out similar Kasavu Sarees, which are beautiful White and Gold Sarees from Kerala) for the pre-function and another saree each for the main day. Mine was an old 50+ year old saree of my mum’s – which she so lovingly went and changed all the hooks on the choli (the saree blouse) and stitched new ones for me. That and so many other things that one needs to do before a trip were done with much excitement!

And just when everything was in place, all our bags were packed, on the very morning of our flights, even as we were getting ready to get out … the airport at Kochi was closed for 3 days due to flooding and extremely heavy rains.

Naturally we were disappointed. But it’s amazing that we were both able to just say, “Praise God, His plans are for the best” even IN the disappointment.

1 Thess 5:18 says, “Give thanks in every circumstance, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”
I praise God that praising God has become a lifestyle 🙂 It really works wonders.

In the few days that have passed, seeing the destruction, we are both aware from what we have been protected.

Praying in a special way for the people of Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra and other places that have been hit by massive flooding.

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