3 Things that happen when we Praise God

Many things happen when we praise God, but I’m going to concentrate on 3 Umbrella things:

#1 Praising God takes the Focus off ourselves / our situation and shifts it onto GOD.
The benefit of this is multi-fold. It changes the way we feel about that situation. Instead of worrying and stressing we focus on our All-Powerful Almighty Loving God, Who works all things out for our Good! It’s instantly freeing, changing the entire spiritual atmosphere! However the biggest thing this leads to is:

#2 It welcomes God’s Holy Presence into our midst!
When we take the focus off ourselves and onto GOD, He cannot help but come! He is ever waiting, ever knocking, but too much of a gentle being to come without being invited in.
“God inhabits the praises of His people.”  Psalm 22:3
Praise directs our attention and focus towards God and He comes in an inhabits our praises. I remember once having a vision of a throne. The more I praised, the more elaborate that throne became! God deserves the best gilt-edged throne we can give Him! Praise – and keep Praising Him – in all situations!!

#3 When God comes in, the evil one has to flee
The enemy cannot dwell where God is. The Presence of Light Automatically dispenses the darkness.
“As they began to sing and praise, the Lord set ambushes against the men of Ammon and Moab and Mount Seir who were invading Judah, and they were defeated”  2 Chron. 20:22

In conclusion we see – praise affects every being – Praise affects us, God (both positively) & the devil (negatively). No wonder we are told to praise God At ALL Times and in ALL Circumstances!

Further reading: Merlin Carothers’ Power in Praise is filled with real life testimonies and easy to understand insights on the actual magnitude of what Praise does.

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