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HOW to pray in difficult situations! 7 Simple Tips

It’s well and good to post on why we need to praise God in all circumstances … but on a more practical note – just HOW do we do that when we’re anxious or tired or frustrated or angry or so upset we just can’t even think of words to put together?

Sometimes our hearts are overwhelmed and we just cannot say or do anything. What do we do then? Here are 7 Simple Tips:

(01) Pray in Tongues – if you have the gift of tongues, use it! Romans 8:26 says, “we don’t know what God wants us to pray for. But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words”. When we cannot find the words to express what we feel, when we don’t even know What we feel or What to pray for, just pray in tongues. I’ve sat in important meetings and just prayed in tongues in my head. God has *always* made a way.

(02) Sing a Song –Bless the Lord oh my Soul! I will Sing! God will make a way! I will fight for you! All those songs and so many others have been brought to my mind and heart by our beautiful Holy Spirit. Sometimes I can’t say anything, I just sing. (PS: You don’t have to be a great/good singer to sing to the Lord, I’m certainly not! Just like a parent would love their little child singing to them – God loves to hear us!)

(03) Just say the Name of Jesus- His Name is the Most Powerful on Earth and Every knee shall bow before it. Also, if you’re worried – it’s not taking the Name of the Lord in vain if you’re saying it *in prayer!* In fact just saying “Jesus” can be one of the most powerful prayers there are!

(04) Pray the ‘Our Father’ – I’m not one for set prayers. I usually pray to God in my own words, from my heart to His. However if you’re strapped for words, remember Jesus Himself gave us the ‘Our Father’. It’s a prayer that can be dissected to reveal SO MUCH of depth. PRAY it, don’t just rattle it off by heart.

(05) Phone a friend TO PRAY – I remember the popular ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire?’ (India’s ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’) gave people the option to “phone a friend” as a lifeline. Don’t rush to the phone to discuss the issue or take your friends advice, but in cases where you feel you just can’t pray, call a friend. Very often I’ve just called a close friend and said, “I need you to pray right now” even without any explanation and we’ve just prayed for 2 or 5 minutes. And it’s been enough.

(06) Hold onto a Scripture VerseRomans 8:28, Phil 4:13 and so many verses come to my mind when I need them. Commit yourself to reading the Bible, perhaps join a Bible class in your church and see how wonderfully rich the Word of God is. Find a verse that fits your situation and hold onto it! Trust in God, that even the world may fade, but His Word will last forever!

(07) Praise God for the situation – As I’ve explained before, there are 3 things that happen when we praise God. And it completely turns the situation around. Even if you can’t say anything else, just say, “Praise Your Jesus, Thank You Jesus” in your head.


At many different times of my life, I’ve used one or more of the tips above. Develop your RELATIONSHIP with God in the good times, He will never leave you in the bad times. But even if you’ve never spoken with Him before, remember HE LOVES YOU no matter what, even if you’ve messed up big time. He’s still on your side. Repent and believe, He will set you free.

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