A Miracle in the Midst of My storm

Right now the Economy in India, like many other parts of the world is down. Jobs are being lost all over. Many entire industries are in a state of uncertainty, fear & anxiety for what the future may hold.

Preacher or not, I can feel the storm in my life too. And as much as I’d like to say I’m so spiritual that it doesn’t bother me at all – it has affected me. Enough for me to consciously choose DAILY to come before the Lord and believe HIM for what He’s said – that He will never leave me or forsake me, that He will provide, that He will give me rest – despite what I can see with my physical eyes.

In the midst of this storm, which has been brewing for months, few days ago a particular electronic device malfunctioned at my parent’s home.

My father who was an engineer and who still is extremely resourceful and capable tried but was unable to sort it. Then my husband, who is also an engineer and loves tinkering with electronics went for it with all his tools etc. And again, nothing.

I asked, shall I try? The men on their way out to lunch said, “sure”.

I sat there, placed my hands on the machine and said, “Father for YOUR glory not mine, not so anyone praises me for sorting this or gives my prayer or my spirituality any points, but that they know Who YOU are, for YOUR glory alone, sort this out please”.

Nothing happened.

Then I randomly took a tool of my husbands that happened to be lying around – a multimeter (I’ve never used one before) – picked one cable randomly and stuck it in a hole I found (kids, don’t try this at home!)

Suddenly this device which hadn’t been working for days … worked.

Without me knowing what I was doing – my husband explained to me later – the multimeter short-circuited the board and reset the entire system so the device could be used again.

I KNOW it was the Lord. Who or what else could it be?! There’s NO way I could have known what to do. Where more educated and experienced people before me had tried and failed, GOD showed up and sorted the situation.

And though the other storm remains, I hold on this as a sign that HE IS. He is with me. He is in control. He is working all things out for my good. He is. And therefore it doesn’t matter if I’m not.

I encourage you to REST in your storm, knowing God has you covered in His hands. Look around and see the miracles you have experienced which perhaps aren’t even related to your storm but is a way of God reminding you, He Is on your side!

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