And, Start Anew.

Start Again

It’s kinda ironic that my last post here was titled “Continue” and was in… October (yikes).

Isn’t it scary sometimes, how quickly time flies by? How suddenly despite how good your intentions were, you haven’t done that thing you’ve been meaning to do for weeks – or months – or (God forbid) years?

The beauty of God is that His mercies are new *Every Morning*!! Truly with His Grace, no matter what it is that we haven’t done, no matter how long it’s been, we can just start again.

This New Year 2020, what is it you have been meaning to do for oh-so-long but just haven’t yet?
* Write?
* Call that friend?
* Make peace with the parents/in laws?
* Learn to cook / how the stock market works / a new instrument?
* Tithe

Whatever it is, let us all remember this – yes, it is a new year – but every single day is also a new day, with new mercies. Let’s pick up where we left off or just start it anew. You have the Seeds of GOD’s greatness planted within you.


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