Give more than you need to – ‘Rebekah Principle’ Part 1

In Genesis 24, we see Abraham, who is old but favored in every way, wanting to make sure his son is well settled in marriage. So he sends his servant to find the right wife for him according to their customs, from his own country and own people. Both Abraham and the servant pray that the mission is successful.

After his long journey, the servant who must have been tired, stops at a well of water outside the city, along with his 10 camels that he journeyed with. It is here that he meets Rebekah who is drawing water from the well.

He requests her to give him water to drink – which she does, with hospitality and humility (“Drink, my lord”). But it is what she does next which is absolutely amazing!! She, unasked for, tells the servant who is a complete stranger, that she will also draw water to fill his camels! And not just a little water, but “until they have finished drinking”, meaning enough water until they got full and satisfied.

Now we modern people may not get the full significance of that. To understand it, first let us know that a typical camel can drink 200 liters (53 gallons) of water in three minutes. Depending how thirsty the camels were, Rebekah would have had to draw anything from 200 to 500 of gallons of water from the well. Again to us modern people – that’s lowering her jar on the rope, filling it up, pulling the rope back up and emptying the jar into the water trough for the camels – and then starting all over again. This whole exercise would have taken her several hours!

Why did she do this for a complete stranger? Did she see him & his camels tired and worn out after their long travels and was moved to compassion? Or did the Lord stir it in her heart? Probably both. What we do know is this – she was asked to give a drink for the servant, but she gave MORE than she was asked for. This is the ‘Rebekah Principle’.

It is a principle even secular people teach other secular people about excellence. How much more should we believers model our lives on this Biblical truth. If God gives us more that we ask for, shouldn’t we also go the extra mile? Jesus says, “And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two” Matthew 5:41

Rebekah was a woman of excellence. Her act of giving more than she was asked for, brought her to her place of destiny – she was connected with her ordained partner for life who loved her and she stepped into his large fortune which he inherited from his wealthy father.

Let us too learn to give when we can and more than we’re asked for. Let us allow the Lord to stir our hearts to be moved by compassion & to be moved in His direction. Let us give cheerfully and in humility – and then let us give some more!

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I’m doing 52 posts this year 2022: reflections/testimonies/book reviews/whatever God leads. Hopefully you’ll be blessed by something I share! X

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