Do more than you need to – ‘Rebekah Principle’ Part 2

Am I always running to stay in the same place?

Having found myself backslid with respect to writing here once a week, I am determined to catch up. But catching up will entail me doing more than I needed to, if I had not backslid. In order to get back to my once a week posting, I’d have to post twice a week for the next five weeks. Literally I’ll have to do double to just be back on track!

But I don’t believe God just wants us to be “on track” or just doing what we need to “just to get by”. He wants us to live restful lives in Him, to not be continually stressed, “running to stay in the same place”.

I recall meeting Stephan Pastis, the ‘Pearls before Swine’ cartoonist. He shared how he draws & submits his toons – MONTHS ahead of time. That way in case he has an off day or in case he has a genuine need – illness, book tours, family time – he not only manages to keep to his commitment but also he’s still way ahead of the curve.

Does this mean God wants us to OVERWORK? NO! That is not God’s style either! It’s that He wants me to make excellent use of my time when I have it. That way when I want downtime or when there are unforeseen circumstances I am not stressed.

We need to develop habits of excellence. Today as I’m understanding that I have to do more to make up, I’m also realizing that when I have made up, I should not be doing the minimum that’s expected of me. That way I can use the Rebekah principle in my writing, be ahead of the curve and get to a place where I not only enjoy what I’m doing but more than meet my commitments! In Christ all this is possible!

#Q4U: In what areas of your life could you use the Rebekah Principle to stay ahead of the curve?

Post 6/52*
I’m doing 52 posts this year 2022: reflections/testimonies/book reviews/whatever God leads. Hopefully you’ll be blessed by something I share! X

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