It’s not my Job!

Cal & I had to get some work done at a government office recently and at one point the system didn’t seem to be working properly. Though we were all given tokens, many had taken their tokens and left, the one who were waiting (incl. us) weren’t being called in by token. When I saw one guy whose token was well after some poor illiterate people sneak inside, I went inside and told the one guy who was there that other people with lower numbers were waiting also. His response to me – send people in by their token numbers. I then said these words to him, “That’s not my job!”

Cal on the other hand just rounded up the ones who didn’t realise they needed to go in and sent them in.

Today a worship leader needed to get her hymns order sorted, lyrics sent ahead to the music ministry and powerpoint made. To save time I did all the work myself and found myself saying this in my head “This is not my job! She should have done this!”

Just then God brought this scripture to my mind:

“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ”

Galatians 6:2

I’ve normally thought of this scripture in terms of helping people who can’t shoulder their burdens – like helping someone out financially when they’ve lost their jobs or helping older people out with chores when they’re physically unable to do things themselves.

BUT – why not also help out people who (I think) CAN help themselves too? I don’t know what that government officer or the worship leader’s day was like. Perhaps someone hadn’t showed up at work and they were carrying their burdens. Could I not do something so small without grumbling (even in my head?)

God hates grumbling hearts and He *loves* cheerful givers. Whenever I can, let me do whatever I can, to help people with their burdens. Even when I think they can and should have done it themselves, because I don’t know what they’re going through. If I truly consider everyone a brother and sister, then it is my job.

Post 9/52*
I’m doing 52 posts this year 2022: reflections/testimonies/book reviews/whatever God leads. Hopefully you’ll be blessed by something I share! X

2 thoughts on “It’s not my Job!

  1. I think it’s important to empathise with the person who maybe going through a tough time, and being in that person’s shoes.

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