What happens when we make resolutions and don’t keep them (again) ?
Or make decisions and don’t follow through (again) ?
Or confession and commit the same sin (again) ?

What happens when you’ve decided to do a post a week (for 52 weeks of this year 2022) & then suddenly it’s 6 months and you’ve done nothing (again) ?

God’s Grace is what happens.

The Grace that God gives us to start despite ourselves. The Grace that knew that we’d never be able to keep any of our resolutions or decisions without Him. The Grace that we need to stop sinning and become more and more like Him.

We can’t do anything without Him and without His Grace.

So, by His Grace, I start, 6 months down the line. Again.

Post 10/52*
I’m doing I had planned to do 52 posts this year 2022: reflections/testimonies/book reviews/whatever God leads. Will see what I can do, with His Grace.

Hopefully you’ll be blessed by something I share! X

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