Social Media & Needing external Validation

Last evening, while discussing social media & the need for external validation that so many young people have, one of my besties asked me if I would still post on social media if I was certain no one would ever see it. Like a private personal account without any followers or friends, just me. Would I do it? I thought about it and said probably not. So the fact that I have social media means on some level I guess I too seek validation from outside.

We were made to find our validation in HIM. And no matter what we do in secret (good or bad), we always have an Audience of One. How blessed is it that the only One Who sees all, is the only One we need validation from! I read somewhere that people may validate what we do or how we live, but Jesus validates Who We Are. I have my worth & my value in Him & in Him alone. What joy!

And now armed with that great revelation, I no longer need to seek any other audience. I can live with inner authenticity rather than a fake curated external. If Jesus likes my post or my pic, it doesn’t matter if no one else does. And if He doesn’t, it doesn’t matter if the whole world does.

Lord, grant I may seek validation only from You as You truly Are the only One who can really provide it.

Post 14/52
I had planned to do 52 posts in year 2022 (reflections/testimonies/book reviews/whatever God the Spirit led me to). And I wrote exactly 13 posts. Thirteen. Unlucky for some, but mercifully in Jesus I don’t believe in luck. So have picked up and am starting again. Half of 2023 is over. But you know what, we’re never too later to start anew. God’s mercies are new every morning, not only on Jan 1st.
So here’s to 52 getting done in 2023. God willing, you’ll be blessed by something I share! X

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