Some stuff about Me

Praise Jesus, because despite who I am, He loves me and uses me for His Glory – because of Who He Is – an Amazing, Living, Breathing, Healing, Forgiving God of Infinite Mercy and Love.

Because of Him, I’m able to juggle many roles – I work a full time job, I spiritually mentor and pastor an amazing young adults group (above pic taken end 2019), I teach a weekly Bible class.

I also lead worship and preach His Holy Word around Bombay, India, where I’m based & live with my wonderful husband Cal.

This blog – which has been around since 2002 (woah, that’s 18 years!!) – has come full circle from being my personal blog in 2002 to being an online magazine with contributors from various parts of the world in 2008, back to being my personal blog, in August 2019.

I’ve struggled with being faithful to my writing this blog. But like all my other failures, I’m letting God pick me up and help me start again.

I intend to post about how I attempt to live the 1 Cor 10:31 life – “to Glorify God in everything I do”. I hope to chronicle my attempts – some successes because of Him, some miserable failures because of me. I’m hoping to make small but regular posts, which God willing, will bless someone reading it.

May God bless us all!
~ Melody Laila