About Me

Praise our amazing, living, breathing, healing, forgiving God of infinite mercy, grace and love; our Father, our Lord Jesus Christ & our beautiful Holy Spirit, Who loves me & loves us all.

I live in Bombay, India with my wonderful husband Cal. With God’s grace we spiritually mentor & counsel an amazing group of young adults, lead worship, teach & preach the Word of God. Every time I give in any way, I am blessed tremendously!

Pre-pandemic I worked a full time job. Now during covid times, my career and professional life has been both a test (it’s difficult to live one day at a time & to keep trusting without knowing what the future holds) and an amazing blessing (as I continue to see His hand of protection and providence daily).

This blog – which has been around since 2002 (this is year *20* wow) – has come full circle from being my personal blog in 2002 to being an online magazine with contributors from various parts of the world in 2008, back to being my personal blog.

In this year 2022 – I intend to post about how I attempt to live the 1 Cor 10:31 life – “to Glorify God in everything I do”. I’m hoping to write a minimum of 52 posts this year, one per week & I’ll be counting them down. I pray that my insights will bless those who read it.

May God bless us all!

~ Melody Laila